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      We would like to introduce you our organization – the Secondary Technical Aviation School, located in the city of Trenčín in the west of Slovakia – the only school of its kind in Slovakia and prepare qualified specialists in aviation careers.


            Trenčín belongs to the three oldest cities in Slovakia, together with Bratislava and Nitra. The dominant feature of the town  is a Trenčín castle, which dates back to Roman Empire times. The oldest known name is immortalized in LAUGARICIO Roman inscription on the castle rock:

„VICTORIAE AVGVSTORV EXERCITVS QVI LAVGARICIONE SEDIT MIL L II DCCCLV MAXIMIANVS LEG LEG II AD CVR F„ This lettering announces the Roman victory over barbarian tribes in 179.

Thanks to its geographical and strategically advantageous location Trenčín has always been interesting in terms of economic and military. Therefore, in the past and now it is again a good center of Trenčín district.

The history of maintenance and repair of aviation equipment in Trenčín is 70 years old, the history of teaching and training of personnel is 45 years old.



SCHOOL HISTORY - significant years


1963 - The Center of practical training in Trenčín was started that prepared workers – aircraft mechanics for  Aviation Maintenance Factory in Trenčín


1987 - Federal Ministry of National Defense in cooperation with the Ministry of Education has established Secondary Vocational School of Aircraft Mechanics


1993 – the school got into a subordination the Slovak Army and later into the Chief Financial Office under the Slovak Ministry of Defense


2005 - after meeting the criteria and requirements of the international  audit this school has been certified (SK.147.0001) by European Union and Civil Aviation Authority of SR as a maintenance training organization under the PART - 147 of Regulation ES n.2042/2003


2008 – the school was renamed as the Secondary Technical Aviation School


The educational process includes: theoretical teaching and practical training, it changes according to the drawn up timetable in accordance with national educational syllabus for each branch of study. Students learn English, German and Russian languages.

The curriculum for aircraft mechanics and aircraft instrumental mechanics are worked out in accordance with international aviation requirements  PART – 66 (ES) n.2042/2003.


At present 340 students study here in 15 classes in the following branches of study:


·         Aircraft mechanic 

·         Aircraft instrumental 

·         Electrician mechanic

·        Operation and transport technique 

·         Car mechanic

·         Car mechanic-electrician

·         Engine mechanic

·         Engineering


Theoretical instruction takes place in the building of theoretical education where there are special classrooms equipped with professional teaching aids, aircraft sections, panels of aircraft systems, cuts, special posters, an electrical laboratory, computers . 


Practical training is carried out in a school workshops which are equipped with an aircraft and a helicopter and their parts for training the assembly and dismantling works. There are also carried out works for controlling and checking the functionality of the hydraulic system aggregates and works of manual metal treating.


On 16. november 2005 after satisfying the EASA criteria and requirements of the international aviation audit our school has been certified (SK.147.0001) by European Union and Civil Aviation Authority of SR as a maintenance training organization under the PART - 147 of Regulation (ES) n. 2042/2003 which is approved to provide maintenance training, conduct examinations and issue certificates to students according to the PART – 147.


After finishing school students have been employed in aviation traffic at the airports, in manufacturing and repair companies, for example in Austrian Technik, Ryanair, they work in Slovak army as professional soldiers, many of them study at technical universities in Slovakia and abroad.


We cooperate with number of Slovak and foreign universities (Faculties of Aviation) in Košice, Žilina, Brno and we would like to establish a cooperation also with  secondary technical schools of a similar subject of field abroad.






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